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Transforming Philippi: PMU Boosts Services, PEP Year 2 Underway

In a bid to create a cleaner and safer environment, the Precinct Management Unit (PMU) has announced a major upgrade to its services, accompanied by the expansion of the second year of the Presidential Employment Programme (PEP). Over the past year, the PEP has successfully provided employment opportunities to local residents, and now, with a new selection of 450 participants, the program is set to make an even greater impact in Philippi.

Under the new upgrade, the PMU's regular teams have intensified their efforts to ensure cleanliness and safety in the industrial area's side streets and the bustling Stock/Sheffield intersection. The safety team, in particular, has been diligently patrolling the area, deterring smash-and-grab activities and maintaining a vigilant presence. Meanwhile, the dedicated cleaning team remains on standby, ready to respond swiftly to any cleaning needs raised by the business community.

To enhance coordination and communication with the local businesses, the PMU has introduced dedicated WhatsApp groups. These groups have proven to be effective platforms for streamlining systems and addressing concerns promptly, allowing for a collaborative effort between the PMU and the business community in maintaining a cleaner and safer environment. Formal businesses operating in the area are encouraged to join these groups and actively contribute to the collective goal.

As part of the PEP's expansion, this year's selection includes 450 residents who are now actively participating in the program. Divided into four specialist groups – Safety, Cleaning, Information, and Beautification – each group dons distinctive uniforms with bibs and caps in different colors. This visual representation not only fosters team spirit but also highlights the PEP teams' presence in the community as they work diligently to transform Philippi.

All PEP participants gathered together in their distinct reflective vests

The combined effort of the PMU and the PEP teams is notably making a difference, with the impact most evident in the remarkable progress made in cleaning work. Waste collection numbers have seen a significant improvement, effectively reducing environmental hazards and promoting a healthier community. The accompanying infographics below provide a snapshot of these impressive results.

Looking ahead, the PMU and PEP teams are eager to work more efficiently and effectively with local residents and businesses to continue creating a cleaner and safer environment in Philippi. The program's success thus far, coupled with the upgraded services, signifies a bright future for the community, where residents can take pride in their surroundings and businesses can thrive in a secure and vibrant atmosphere.

Join the effort to transform Philippi – together, we can make a lasting impact!


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