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Enhancing Lives, Building Futures

The Presidential Employment Programme (PEP) is a National Treasury initiative implemented by Pedi and managed by the PMU, in collaboration with the City of Cape Town. The primary objective of the programme is to mitigate the adverse effects of COVID-19 on communities with high unemployment rates by providing short-term employment opportunities. 


In addition to its core aim, the PEP seeks to empower its participants with practical skills and life-skill development that can enhance their chances of achieving sustainable livelihoods in the long run.


The third and final intake of 448 participants started on 30 October 2023. Due to surplus funding within the programme budget, an additional 55 residents began on 5 February. All 503 participants' contracts will end on 28 June 2024. As shown below, these participants hail from all 5 Wards, encompass a wide age range spanning from 20 to 63 years, predominantly consist of females, and boast diverse educational backgrounds. Their roles span across four distinct workstreams: Safety, Cleaning, Surveys, Beautification, and also positions with the management staff. 

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Safety Escorts & Patrols

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Waste Collection & Recycling

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Surveys & Information

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Waste Collection: January to March (Q1)

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Safety Escorts Deployed: January to March 2024 (Q1)

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