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Philippi Gets Cleaner and Safer Thanks to PMU and PEP

The Philippi Precinct Management Unit (PMU) is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to its services following the roll-out of the second year's Presidential Employment Programme (PEP). The PEP is providing employment to local residents since a year ago, and this year, a new selection of 450 residents is participating in the programme.

The PEP teams are divided into four specialist groups: Safety, Cleaning, Information, and Beautification. All 450 PEP participants recently gathered together for a "family meeting" to showcase their work and discuss the programme's impact, with each group wearing distinctive uniforms with bibs and caps in different colors.

The PMU's regular teams provide cleaning and safety services, with a focus on the industrial area's side streets and the Stock and Sheffield Road intersection. The safety team patrols the area to deter smash-and-grab activities, while the cleaning team responds to any cleaning needs raised by the business community. To streamline communication with the business community, the PMU has set up dedicated WhatsApp groups to ensure maximum effectiveness in creating a cleaner and safer environment in Philippi Industria.

The combined effort of the PMU and PEP teams is most noticeable in the cleaning work being done, as is evident in the waste collection numbers shown below.

The PMU and PEP partnership is a great example of how the government and the local community can work together to bring about positive change. The programme not only provides employment opportunities but also creates a cleaner and safer environment, which benefits everyone in the community.


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