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Uniting Communities Through Engagement and Participation

The PMU (Precinct Management Unit) was initiated in October 2019 by PEDI and the City of Cape Town as a collaborative effort to revitalize the area encompassed by Govan Mbeki, Stock, Sheffield, and New Eisleben roads. The unit's primary objective is to create a community that is attractive, healthy, and prosperous for people to live, work, and do business in. To achieve this vision, the PMU is responsible for implementing and managing cleaning and safety projects that visibly enhance the area's quality of life. The unit also assists local businesses in their interactions with the City of Cape Town and other government institutions.  In addition, the PMU prioritizes stakeholder engagement and aims to build fruitful relationships that benefit everyone involved. Through sharing information and encouraging participation, the unit seeks to foster a sense of community ownership and empowerment, creating a space where all stakeholders can work together towards a common goal of positive transformation.

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Philippi East Precinct



PEP Safety circle.png

Safety & Security

PEP Waste Collection circle.png

Waste Collection & Recycling

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First Contact for City Services

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Stakeholder Engagements



Waste Collection: January to March 2024 (Q1)

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City of Cape Town Service Requests: January to March (Q1)

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Partners and Stakeholders


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