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The City's Vision for Philippi’s Transformation Gains Momentum

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Pedi Guides Spatial Planning and Environment Portfolio Committee in Exploring Philippi Opportunity Area

Pedi recently hosted a visit of the Portfolio Committee of the City of Cape Town's Spatial Planning and Environment (SPE) directorate at the Philippi Agrihub. The purpose was to inspect progress of the City's ongoing infrastructure development projects in the Philippi Opportunity Area (POA), which includes major transportation hubs, and economic opportunities centred on Philippi East, the Philippi Horticultural Area, and Cape Town International Airport. The visit included a comprehensive tour of Philippi to provide committee members' firsthand insights into their progress.

Ahead of the tour, the Urban Catalytic Investment (UCI) unit, line department responsible for the POA catalytic programme, delivered a presentation on the programme and achievements to date, and how the City's infrastructure investments aimed to transform the POA into a more secure and prosperous suburb for residents.

Frank Cumming, Director of UCI, presented the POA catalytic programme to members of the SPE portfolio committee

UCI's overarching mandate encompasses coordinating the spatial and environmental planning and enablement functions to deliver community needs, fosters socio-economic growth, ensure sustainable service delivery, and actively guide national and provincial development schemes. This active engagement entails the implementation of diverse strategies through transversal programs.

The presentation expressed the City's unwavering commitment to catalyzing positive change in Philippi. "Everything we do aims at bringing change, and we start by identifying problems and challenges. Then we spend time identifying ways in which we can overcome those problems."

A pivotal facet of UCI's strategy involves community inclusion in decision-making processes, and the significance of local residents' active participation in the projects, noting that this approach prevents operational challenges that could otherwise deter successful implementation.

Thomas Swana, CEO of Pedi, elaborated on the seamless integration with the City's plans. "UCI leverages information to initiate plans, laying the groundwork for program implementation in collaboration with other departments," explained Swana. He elucidated that these initiatives align with direct budget allocations and are informed by years of research and accumulated data gathered by Pedi to ensure their efficacy and impact.

After the site tour of the Philippi Agrihub, the portfolio committee members embarked on a bus tour, offering an up-close view of the transformative potential of the City's POA projects. Commencing at Stock Road, the committee observed the area's transformation under the Presidential Employment Programme, whilst Thomas Swana brought ongoing community challenges, including unemployment, crime and violence, lack of opportunity, and the issue of unauthorized connections near the Philippi Magistrates Court, to the committee members' attention.

The tour visited notable landmarks such as Ithemba Labantu Lutheran Community Centre, and met beneficiaries of the Presidential Employment Programme at Philippi Village, a bustling business and community hub.

The committee members were impressed by the positive transformation in Philippi, including at the Agrihub that will soon operate to provide small-scale and commercial farmers with a commission-based fresh produce market to compliment the Cape Town (Epping) market.

Thomas Swana, CEO of Pedi, showcasing Philippi Agrihub's developments; Committee members alongside PEP participants in Philippi Village

Post-presentation, the committee members pledged to convey their insights to colleagues, fostering greater backing for transformation initiatives in the POA. Their aspiration is to invite more individuals to experience first-hand the positive outcomes brought by the City's plans and Pedi's implementation of them.

The presentation unveiled a horizon of potential for a brighter and more secure future for Philippi. With strategic catalytic infrastructure projects in full swing and continued government support, the dream of positive change appears tantalizingly within reach for this area.

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