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PMU Year 4 in Review: Strengthening Bonds, Driving Change

The Philippi Precinct Management Unit (PMU) celebrates the fourth year of progress, collaboration, and community-driven change. This year, the PMU has not only built stronger relationships but also focused on navigating differences and fostering unity among diverse stakeholders.

Building Trust Amidst Differences

Despite historical differences hindering progress in Philippi Industria, the past six months have seen a remarkable turnaround. Monthly service review meetings with businesses have become a cornerstone, providing a platform for open dialogue, program sharing, and feedback. The principle of collaboration over conflict is proving its worth as the PMU engages with stakeholders, fostering cooperation among businesses and the city.

A graphic overview of precinct stakeholder groups actively engaged with by the PMU.

Presidential Employment Programme (PEP): A Catalyst for Change

The Presidential Employment Programme (PEP) has played a pivotal role in reshaping relationships with the residential community. Collaborating closely with community leaders, the PMU has addressed recruitment issues, infrastructure concerns, and service pain points. Regular meetings have prevented work stoppages, while collaboration with the Winnie Madikizela informal settlement has resolved critical infrastructure concerns.

About 450 Philippi residents are currently employed across 4 PEP work streams.

Expanding Partnerships for Safety and Security

Partnerships with City line departments have significantly expanded, enabling the PMU to provide safety escorts for maintenance teams, complementing the city's efforts. Collaborating with the Neighborhood Watch network has enhanced crime response capabilities, reflecting a commitment to creating a safer environment for Philippi residents.

A PEP Safety team guarding a City maintenance team.

Transforming Perceptions of Safety

Safety perception surveys indicate a nuanced picture, with more people feeling unsafe yet fewer feeling very unsafe. In the face of a spike in violent crime, the PEP Safety interventions have undeniably made a significant impact, potentially altering the course of the community's safety landscape.

Results of 4 safety perception surveys in Philippi (1,670 total respondents, January-June 2023).

Sustainable Practices: Cleaner Streets, Greener Future

Collaboration with the City's Solid Waste | Contract Cleansing department has strengthened, with the Waste Ambassador team actively involved in cleaning and educating pedestrians and traders on responsible waste management. Thanks to increased cleaning teams from the Philippi PEP program and Contract Cleansing, the streets now consistently boast a much cleaner appearance, making a significant impact on the cleanliness and sustainability of the community.

Outcomes of the combined PMU and PEP waste collection from January to June 2023.

New Eisleben Road/Junxion Mall: A Shining Example of Collaboration

The New Eisleben Road/Junxion Mall project stands as an excellent example of successful collaboration. Developed with input from stakeholders, the project addresses security concerns and promotes safety through infrastructure improvements and relocations, showcasing the potential of collective action in driving positive change.

Sketch layout of the New Eisleben Market Place.

Towards a Safer, United, and Prosperous Philippi

As the PMU reflects on a year of substantial progress, strengthened relationships, and collaborative achievements, the stage is set for continued growth and success. The PMU and PEP teams, working hand in hand, are paving the way for a safer, united, and prosperous Philippi, exemplifying the transformative power of community-driven initiatives.


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