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Presidential Employment Programme in Philippi Ushers in a New Era

The PMU’s Sonwabile Dwangu hosting a PEP information session for Philippi residents.

In a groundbreaking development, Philippi has become the recipient of the transformative Presidential Employment Programme (PEP) grant, bestowed upon the City of Cape Town. The Philippi Economic Development Initiative (Pedi) has been entrusted with implementing the PEP, a venture set to redefine the economic landscape of the region.

The PEP, under the stewardship of Pedi and managed by the PMU, aims to counter the economic fallout of COVID-19 by creating short-term employment opportunities. This initiative not only seeks to provide employment but goes a step further by incorporating practical skills training and life-skills development into the program.

The response from Philippi residents has been nothing short of overwhelming. Nobuhle Zawula, who last worked in 2016, expressed her joy, stating, "I was so happy when I heard of this job opportunity. The money will come in handy because I will be able to help my mother who has been using her pension money to take care of us."

The program extends its reach to all age groups, as Nomthandazo Nkwinti (43) emphasized, "I was stressed about the cost of sending my son to initiation school, but then I received a call informing me about this opportunity. I'm very grateful."

Thomas Swana (CEO: Pedi) and City officials Erika Naudé (Acting Director: Spatial Planning and Environment) and Frank Cumming (Director: Urban Catalytic Investment Department), at the PEP signing ceremony; Philippi residents attend a PEP information session.

The induction of the initial 280 participants has marked the commencement of the PEP's primary phase, with a total of 440 participants expected to benefit. The selection process emphasized community involvement, with 60% of participants chosen directly from community leaders and volunteers who have selflessly served their community.

The PEP participants will be deployed across four employment streams: Safety, Cleaning, Information, and Beautification. Already underway, the training and deployment will be completed by the first half of February.

PEP safety patrol and community escort teams at a training session by The Safety Lab.

The Safety stream includes precinct and ward-based teams focusing on crime prevention and community safety. Meanwhile, the Cleaning stream is divided between informal settlement and ward-based waste management, aiming to address waste issues while promoting recycling.

The Information stream will involve data collection and community communication units, gathering essential data and disseminating information to raise awareness and empower the community. Lastly, the Beautification team will be trained in artistic skills, contributing to the enhancement of public spaces in Philippi.

As the PEP unfolds, Philippi stands on the precipice of transformation. The employment opportunities, combined with skill development and community engagement, have the potential to be a catalyst for a brighter future in Philippi, proving that positive change can indeed start at the grassroots level.


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