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Pedi Annual Report 2021-2022

PEDI's annual report offers a holistic perspective, encompassing leadership insights, financial information, ongoing projects, and the organization's historical endeavors. The report comprises the following key sections:

  • A message from the Mayor.

  • An overview from the Chairperson.

  • A message from the Chief Executive Officer.

  • Insights into ongoing activities.

  • A summary of key statistics from the year.

  • Information about the Philippi Opportunity Area.

  • Projects identified within the Philippi Opportunity Area.

  • Pedi’s Projects over the Past 10 Years.

  • Information about the board and management.

  • Financial details and statements.

  • Recognitions and acknowledgments.

The CEO's message underscores a remarkable transformation in Philippi, emphasizing its pivotal role in economic development and community growth. Through a dynamic partnership with the City of Cape Town, Pedi has catalyzed this transformation, cementing Philippi's status as a crucial economic hub.

  • The formation of the Precinct Management Unit (PMU) represents a significant shift. Initially a small team, the PMU has evolved into a key player in economic development, actively engaging with local businesses and residents, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Urban agriculture's potential was recognized, leading to the reimagination of the Philippi Fresh Produce Market. This market now serves as a model to empower small-scale farmers and ensure fair pricing, promoting inclusive economic growth.

  • Further, Pedi's investment in the Philippi Urban Agriculture Academy and Philippi Agrihub has supported local farmers with training and processing facilities. An organic composting initiative aligns with sustainability goals, contributing to soil regeneration while reducing environmental harm.

  • The response to increased unemployment through the Presidential Employment Programme showcases Pedi's adaptability and commitment to community development.

  • Pedi's engagement with the community has deepened, utilizing meetings, newsletters, and social media to build a robust online presence. This has resulted in an expanding and engaged following.

  • In line with transportation and urban development plans for Philippi, Pedi developed an Informal Trading Strategy. This initiative creates opportunities for local traders, aligning with broader development objectives.

  • The partnership between Pedi and the City of Cape Town has played a pivotal role in revitalizing Philippi, despite its unique challenges. The Philippi East region, with its potential for greenfield development, stands in contrast to other areas focused on improving existing infrastructure.

In conclusion, Pedi's unwavering commitment to Philippi's growth is evident. The Regeneration Framework recognizes Philippi's potential as an exemplary model for the entire country. The vision is clear: to build Philippi into a thriving business hub and an attractive place to live and work. Gratitude is extended to all involved in this transformative journey since 2011, as the path forward continues to unfold.

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