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Socio-Economic Agricultural Plan for the Philippi Horticultural Area

The Philippi Horticultural Area (PHA) in Cape Town is a remarkable agricultural asset, boasting a unique combination of climate, water resources, and soil quality. This report highlights key findings that underscore the vital importance of the PHA:

Unique Agricultural Zone: PHA is an agricultural gem, supporting multiple crop cycles annually and demonstrating resilience during droughts. Its irreplaceable nature within a 120 km radius from Cape Town is noteworthy.

Protecting Unique Agricultural Land: The report aligns with the National Policy on the Protection of High Potential and Unique Agricultural Land, emphasizing the need to safeguard PHA.

PHA Production: PHA currently cultivates a significant portion of its land. Large and small commercial farmers contribute to its productivity, albeit with varying land sizes. The aging farmer demographic is a concern, particularly in commercial farming.

Value of PHA to Markets: PHA plays a pivotal role in the supply chain, with major retailers and food processors relying on its produce. Its influence on market prices and consistent product quality is evident.

Competitive Advantages of PHA:

  • Proximity to markets.

  • Low carbon footprint.

  • Competitive pricing.

  • Year-round supply.

  • Resilience to drought.

Broader Socio-Economic Impact: Beyond agriculture, PHA contributes significantly to climate resilience, sustainable urban development, food security, and regional competitiveness. It also holds potential as a model for agrarian reform.

Alignment with Spatial Investment Plans: PHA aligns with strategic development goals, encompassing the plans of both the Western Cape Government and Cape Town City. It is classified as a Critical Natural Area, warranting detailed planning for the future.

Vision for PHA's Future: The report outlines a phased approach to secure PHA's future. This involves stabilizing, consolidating, and fostering growth and sustainability.

Whole-of-Society Approach: Success for PHA necessitates collective efforts from all stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of a collaborative approach.

In conclusion, PHA is a critical asset with significant economic, environmental, and societal importance. Protecting and nurturing this agricultural wonderland is essential to ensure its continued contribution to the region's resilience, competitiveness, and sustainability.

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