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Junxion Mall in Philippi Finally Breaks Ground After 3 Years of Planning

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

After more than three years of planning, the Junxion Mall in Philippi, Cape Town, has finally broken ground. The mall will be the second major shopping center in the area, providing 37,000 square meters of retail space. The developer aims to house two large food retailers and numerous other shops, bringing mainstream retail facilities to the community of Philippi.

Located on the site of the old Eisleben Business Park, which had fallen into disrepair and was demolished to make way for the new mall, the Junxion Mall is set to be the largest privately funded investment in Philippi to date, with a reported investment value of over R400 million.

The development of the Junxion Mall is part of the potential outlined in the 2013 DEMACON report, which identified Philippi as a destination for investment. The report stated that the area had the potential for market data analysis, public sector social amenities, private sector office development, light industry development, retail development, and residential development. It also identified the potential for sustainable feed into the fiscus from PAYE, VAT, and company taxes annually, as well as from property rates and taxes annually.

The Junxion Mall is expected to contribute significantly to the potential outlined in the DEMACON report. Its construction is expected to generate a potential GGP of R8 billion, creating almost 60,000 jobs. Once operational, it is expected to create a potential GGP of R15 billion annually, creating 52,000 jobs.

The Junxion Mall is not just a shopping center, but a source of economic growth and development for the community of Philippi. With its potential to create jobs and generate sustainable feed into the fiscus, the mall is set to become a crucial player in the economic development of the area.

The community of Philippi can now look forward to the arrival of the Junxion Mall, bringing with it a new era of growth and development for the area.


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