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Job Journey Graduation Marks Success for PEP Participants

The excitement and joy were written all over the participants of the Job Journey work readiness course, all of whom are Philippi residents employed in the Presidential Employment Programme (PEP), on the day of their graduation held at Beautiful Gate on 14 December.


Fincoach Foundation Training Facilitator, Xolile Magudwana, said the 11-day course aimed to help participants discover more about themselves, and learn how to use technology in their job search.


“Now they know how to do their CV and what steps to take to achieve their goals. They won’t ask people to do CVs for them, instead, they are the ones who are going to assist other people,” said Magudwana.


He emphasized that the participants now understand themselves better.

"It's more than just learning; it's about making a difference. Participants have gotten new skills and abilities that will assist them in their careers, and they now have a plan for securing employment," said Magudwana.


The course also covers essential topics, including building good character, workplace ethics, managing money, using digital tools, and making important decisions.

Job Journey participants at the graduation ceremony on 14 December 2023.

 Fallon Boonzaaier, a 32-year-old participant, has already used the skills she got from the course by applying for job opportunities.

"I have two interviews already lined up—one for a sales position. I created my CV, saved it on a USB, uploaded it to the computer, searched for job opportunities, and promptly submitted my CV."


Her wish is for other young people to get a chance at the Fincoach Foundation.

"Young people often lack knowledge of how to set up their CVs. This program has empowered us, and I believe it can do the same for others. Once empowered, applying becomes easier. I am an example of that, and I am happy that I successfully managed it myself," added Boonzaaier.


Nondumiso Makhalima, 52, has learned a lot about interviews, how to prepare, finding herself, and being a good business person.


“The course has taught me about the importance of showing up prepared all the time, no matter how you feel, being responsible, and having goals,” said Makhalima.


She had an old CV with many pages.

"I wasn't aware of the importance of updating my CV. It's evident that perhaps having an outdated CV was the reason for me not getting job opportunities, but now, I have a new one."


Noluyanda Mlanjeni, 31, has learned about business.

"I want to launch my own business, and I'm pleased that when the time comes, I'll be well-prepared. I'll begin by researching what to sell, assessing potential profits. Following this, I'll ensure not to spend the profits, allowing my business to generate sustainable income," said Mlanjeni.


All 448 PEP participants are expected to successfully finish the Job Journey course by June, coinciding with the conclusion of the PEP project in Philippi.


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