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Transformative Training: PMU & PEP Embrace the 'Be Do Have' Concept

All PEP participants and PMU staff gathered at Philippi Village for a two-day training program, immersing themselves in a transformative journey of self-discovery and skill development.

The program aimed to equip participants with a comprehensive framework for personal and professional growth, highlighting the crucial connection between mindset, actions, and outcomes.

Central to the program was the concept of "Be Do Have," a simple yet profound approach that empowers individuals to achieve growth by aligning their mindset, actions, and desired outcomes.

The beauty of this concept lies in its universal applicability, as it encourages individuals, regardless of their education or background, to believe in themselves and take proactive steps towards their dreams.

Participants discovered the importance of understanding their values and beliefs, and how these influence their actions and results. They also learned practical strategies to shift their mindset, set achievable goals, and create personalized action plans.

By embracing the principles of self-understanding and acting with confidence, for example, individuals gain the key to unlocking non-violent resolutions in conflict situations. This newfound understanding is especially valuable to our PMU and PEP Safety Teams who are now equipped to effectively de-escalate violence using non-violent methods when confronted with crime situations.

The impact of the training was astounding! Participants reported increased self-awareness, a transformation in mindset with reduced self-doubt and increased self-confidence, progress towards goals, improved collaboration, and a commitment to applying the Be Do Have framework in their lives.

We want to express our deepest appreciation to the trainers, Shane Jacobs and Russel Christopher, whom Philippi Village engaged to deliver the training, for their exceptional expertise and invaluable guidance throughout the program. Thank you, Philippi Village!


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