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Welcome to Pedi

Improving Philippi Through Partnerships and Strategies

The Philippi Economic Development Initiative (Pedi) fosters economic growth and development in Philippi, a large urban and semi-urban area in the vibrant Cape Flats region with a population exceeding 500,000.


Since its establishment in 1998 by the City of Cape Town, Pedi has been passionately working as a non-profit company with a clear vision to transform Philippi from a disadvantaged community into a shining example of a thriving economic hub. 


To realize our vision, Pedi operates three distinct business units: Precinct Management Unit (PMU), Presidential Employment Programme (PEP), and the Philippi Agrihub.

Primary Stakeholders

City of Cape Town

Western Cape


Department of Agriculture

Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

National Treasury


Contact Us

Physical Address:

C/o Stock and Market Road

Philippi 7781

Cape Town

South Africa


GPS Coordinates:

-34.0096962, 18.6042969 


Telephone: +27 21 371 9824


WhatsApp: +27 81 237 7699



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