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Welcome to Pedi

Improving Philippi Through Partnerships and Strategies

The Philippi Economic Development Initiative (Pedi) fosters economic growth and development in Philippi, a large urban and semi-urban area in the vibrant Cape Flats region with a population exceeding 500,000.


Since its establishment in 1998 by the City of Cape Town, Pedi has been passionately working as a non-profit company with a clear vision to transform Philippi from a disadvantaged community into a shining example of a thriving economic hub. 


To realize our vision, Pedi operates three distinct business units: Precinct Management Unit (PMU), Presidential Employment Programme (PEP), and the Philippi Agrihub.

Primary Stakeholders

City of Cape Town

Western Cape Department of Agriculture


Contact Us

Physical Address:

C/o Stock and Market Road

Philippi 7781

Cape Town

South Africa


GPS Coordinates:

-34.0096962, 18.6042969 


Telephone: +27 21 371 9824

WhatsApp: +27 76 698 7357



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