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Environmental Health Survey Unveils Concerns and Call for Action in Philippi

The PEP Survey Team interviewing Philippi residents

The recently concluded Environmental Health Survey in Philippi has provided a comprehensive snapshot of the community's opinions and concerns regarding their environment. With a total of 1,580 residents participating, their voices have shed light on the pressing issues and the urgent need for a cleaner and healthier community. Let's delve into the key findings of this survey.

Concern for Environmental Pollution: A staggering 94% (1,495 individuals) expressed their concerns about environmental pollution in Philippi, showcasing a strong desire for a cleaner and healthier community.

Environmental Problems: Water pollution (45%) and toxic waste (38%) were identified as the most pressing issues, while air pollution (10%) and global warming (6%) were also acknowledged.

Threat Perception: A remarkable 68% (1,079 participants) highlighted individuals as the worst threat to the environment, underlining the significance of personal responsibility. However, 24% expressed concerns about the government's role.

Responsibility for a Healthy Environment: According to the majority, individuals (38%) should bear the biggest responsibility, followed by the government (34%) and environmental groups (25%). Industries were assigned a smaller responsibility (3%).

Waste Awareness: A high level of awareness regarding the environmental impact of solid waste was reported, with 91% of respondents indicating familiarity with this issue. The majority (85%) regularly noticed waste in public areas, while 83% reported observing the burning of waste in public spaces, emphasizing the need for improved waste management.

Waste Education and Collection: The need for targeted educational initiatives is highlighted by 40% of respondents who expressed a lack of education on proper waste disposal. Encouragingly, 40% of respondents actively engage in waste collection activities. Paper/carton (28%) and food (26%) were the most common waste collected in households.

Demographic Breakdown: The survey was conducted from 5 to 18 May across Wards 34, 35, 36, 80 and 88. The majority of respondents were female (61%). Also, majorities attended or completed high school (76%); identified as single (71%); and reported owning their homes (66%).

We extend our sincere gratitude to all those who contributed their insights to this Environmental Health Survey. The findings serve as a rallying point for action, urging the community, local authorities, and environmental organizations to come together and foster a greener future for Philippi.


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