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Changing Lives Through PEP: Linda Mveni Shares Her Story

The Presidential Employment Programme (PEP) has proven to be a life-changing initiative for numerous individuals in Philippi. Linda Mveni, a 48-year-old woman who participated in the programme last year, shared her heartfelt appreciation for how the PEP has helped her.

"I was unemployed for over two years, so I was very grateful for opportunity to take care of my family without the need to borrow money anymore," said Mveni.

One of Mveni's proudest achievements was fulfilling her desire to purchase new school uniforms for her children. "Their uniforms were old, and I wanted to buy them new ones, but I couldn't do it until I got the PEP job. I was also able to buy cakes for their birthdays without stressing about how I would pay for it."

Speaking fondly of the bonds formed within her team, she said, "I learned the importance of having a clean environment while working in the waste collection and recycling team. We all became such a close-knit family and even after our contracts ended, we've continued to stay connected."

As a result, the PEP also inspired the realization of Mveni's long-held dream of establishing a Stokvel, a popular form of savings club. "We managed to start a Stokvel, and that made a huge difference in our lives. For example, some people in need were able to buy new furniture."

Mveni expressed her satisfaction with having participated in the PEP. "What I really appreciate is that they provided us with certificates upon completion to demonstrate our work experience. I believe this greatly benefits all of us when seeking future employment opportunities."

Through job creation, the PEP continues to make significant strides toward enhancing lives and fostering a brighter future for many in Philippi.


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