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Changing Lives Through PEP: Anathi Thomas's Beautiful Journey

"Getting the job was a turning point for me. Despite being retrenched during the Covid-19 pandemic, I refused to lose hope. I had to find alternative ways to support my family," shared Anathi Thomas, a 28-year-old participant in the Presidential Employment Programme (PEP) from Victoria Mxenge.

Joining the PEP Beautification Team, Thomas has been utilizing her design and music background to contribute to various uplifting projects around Philippi. She marveled at the incredible resilience of her fellow participants. "While I was waiting for job opportunities, they were resourcefully constructing homes using cupboards!"

The job didn't pose a significant challenge for Thomas; it was a perfect fit that aligned with her passion. "I have been given the chance to share my knowledge with my peers, and I firmly believe they will continue to utilize these valuable skills even after leaving this remarkable programme," she explained.

Not only has this job enhanced Thomas's creative skills, but it has also provided her with a platform to teach others who studied art in school. Together, they are gaining invaluable experience, leaving the programme as stronger individuals than when they first arrived.

Thomas desires for everyone to recognize the immense value of this programme. "We are doing transformative work. For those who yearn to learn, this is their golden opportunity, and the skills they acquire here are truly priceless."

Thomas believes that initiatives like the PEP have the power to uplift entire communities and transform lives. "High unemployment rates have caused immense suffering, and that's why organizations like Pedi are indispensable in our communities. The help and opportunities they provide are truly life-changing, and we will forever be grateful for the skills we acquire through this incredible programme."


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